Recent additions:

Feb 2015: Photos from a short holiday in Tenerife (with mountain bikes). (Note that on the photo pages you can use the arrow keys to move forwards and backwards.)

Dec 2014: Notes and photos from a mountain-biking trip to the Maritime Alps in which at last we traversed the Marguereis military road.

Dec 2014: Pictures from a mountainbiking trip to Alta Rezia, Sept 2013 (notes hopefully to follow).

Apr 2014: Notes on mountainbiking in Gran Canaria.

Jan 2014: Alta Rezia mountain biking brochure.



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Castelvittorio near Pigna, Liguria

Cycle touring:

General; Chile 1997, Thailand 1998, Sicily 2000, Guatemala 2001, Peru 2002 (Cusco), Umbria & Marches 2003, Lahaul, Spiti & Kinnaur 2003, Morocco 2004 (Tafraoute), Andes 2005, Garhwal 2005, Maritime Alps 2006, Peru 2006 (Huascarán), Argentina 2007 (Salta), Pamirs 2008, Arunachal Pradesh 2009, Garhwal and Kumaon 2010, Peru 2011 (Safuna), Sri Lanka 2013.


Other brief notes:

Andalucia 1988, Crete 1992, Tunisia 1993, Dolomites 1994, Mexico 1994, Gran Canaria 1995, Tuscany 1995, Andalucia 1996, French Pyrenees 1996, Portugal 1997, Corsica 1998, Morocco 2000 (Ouarzazate), Euskadi 2001, French Alps 2002, Provence 2003, Australia 2004, Provence 2005, Garfagnana 2007, Corsica 2009, Pyrenees 2010, Lombardy 2012, Sardinia 2013, Gran Canaria 2014, Maritime Alps 2014.


UK roughstuff:

Yorkshire Dales, North Wales, Welsh Marches, Mid Wales, South Wales, Cotswolds.


Cycle racing:

reminiscences of a ‘100’ (160 kB), RTTC snakes and ladders (200 kB); les six jours de haute tarentaise 1999; Mersey 24 hour 2003; véritable histoire marmottique.



Suru Valley 1988, Lobuje 1989, Lahaul 1991, Manaslu 1997, Kangchenjunga 1999, Zanskar 2001.


Cycling links:

general; central america, peru, southern cone, indian himalayas, eastern himalayas, kkh, pamirs.



food index; food blog: Jan ’06, Jan ’07, Jan ’08, Jan ’09, Jan ’10, Jan ’11, Jan ’12, Jan ’13, recipe index.


Misc photos:

Latest snaps, Nepal, India, Europe, misc, bikes, doors (250kB), cool, substations, arty, cycling.



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