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Cycle equipment for expedition touring (1999)


Touring Notes: Iceland (2003/2005)

A Rough Ride in Furthest Iceland (1996) (Westfjords)

Iceland: Cycling the Golden Triangle (1997) (The south west)

Destination Askja: an Icelandic Desert crossing (2001)


Dunloe – a Sluggish Time in the Reeks (2001)


Pyrenean Misadventures (1993)

New Zealand

No Picnic in Fiordland (1997)

French Polynesia

Cycling notes (1998)

Latin America Index

Micha Merz’s index page

Latin America Travel Notes

Chile (1998-2001)

Argentina (1999/2001)

Bolivia (1998)

Guatemala (2000)

Falklands/Malvinas (1998/2000)

Latin America Sketches

Gringo in the Monte : again (2001)

Small Hazards in South America (2001)

Iron Man, Plastic Man (2001)

The Last Town in Argentina (2001)

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