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16 Sept ’08

Karl Brodowsky’s arranged by continent.
South America arranged by country, plus larger tours.
Iceland Complete links by Michiel Erens.
crazyguyonabike Worldwide links.
Travel to the horizon Worldwide links by Raph de Rooij (home).


Biking around Europe Miscellaneous info on cycling in Europe.


Pamirs Full links by Robert Middleton.



Ivan Viehoff 1999   Cycle equipment for expedition touring.


Sentient Entity2005 Wheels for cycle tourists, by Steve Pells.


Tim Barnes2007 Advice on most aspects of touring.
masterlyinactivity nd who have an unhealthy obsession with swimming pools and fine dining.

FCO travel advice, Nathnac travel advice, US travel advice, CDC health advice.

Mexico: web search | top


Alan Bloom2006Oaxaca notes and photos.


Pathebikeguy2005Oaxaca itinerary and photos.


Anna Wexler2004/5  Yucatan and Chiapas: travelogue and photos.


R & J Guldenbrein2003An unsupported group tour in Yucatan.


Byercycles2002A CTC group tour in the centre.
D. & J. Wooldridge2000/1 Some info and some travelogue; part of a larger tour.
Charles Hansen1999Yucatan: informative.
Alan Roy1998Mostly anecdotal.
Kevin Rodger1998Cancun–Chetumal.

Guatemala: web search | top


Kurt & Darina2007Trip through Central America.


S. and A. Gregson2003Guatemala to Belize.


masterlyinactivity2001 Full notes, photos and an illustrated map.


Ivan Viehoff2000Full notes.
L. Leroy & A. Meyer  1997Notes and photos.

Also see notes by Dave and Joan Wooldridge (2001).

Costa Rica: web search | top


Norman D. Ford1997Full notes.
Eric and Joan1997Full notes with photos.
Steve Cisler1993Full notes.
singletracks Useful description of a 45km mountain bike ride.

Peru: Route notes: web search | top


masterlyinactivity2006Cycling in the Cordillera Blanca.


downtheroad2003  Ecuador–Cord. Blanca and Cusco–Puno.


Iris and Tore2003Cusco–Puerto Maldonado.
Micha Merz2002 Photos of a route across Peru with some (German) text.


masterlyinactivity2002Cycling in the Cusco region.
D. & J. Wooldridge   2001Down the coast to Arequipa, then across the mountains to Juliaca.
Bob Lutsky2001An electronic book; see chaps 19 and 20 for Puno–Cusco.
groundeffect2000Cordillera Blanca and Bolivia.
Mark Malagodi1997La Paz–Lima, with photos.
Frédéric Ferchaux   1990Inevitably FF has been there too.
James WilsonndMountain biking in the Cordillera Blanca.

Other sources:

ribbon of road2006Blog with wonderful photos (a journey through the Americas).
Betzgi’s pass list Passes cycled by Beat Heim, including many in Peru.
Cord. Blanca maps An old version of Felipe Diaz’s map of the Cordillera Blanca.
El Niño forecast By the (US) Climate Prediction Center.
Senamhi Peruvian met. office.
Ecomontana Cusco mountain biking agency.
Peru Discovery Another mountain bike agency which formerly offered a circuit of Ausangate (archived prospectus).
Mountain Bike Adventures   Huaraz mountain bike agency.
Nuestra Montaña   Another Huaraz mountain bike agency.
Pony’s Expeditions   Caraz tour operator with some mountain bike trips.
Omar Zarzar’s book Some info, but no online purchasing.
Casa de Ciclistas Invaluable help for cyclists available from Lucho at Trujillo.
Omnimap List of Peruvian maps.

Chile & Argentina: Abra del Acayweb search | top


masterlyinactivity 2007notes etc.


Stefan Roman 2003and Paso Sico, in English.


Ulises Luna 2002Diario de viaje.


Mariano Loréfice 2000Pedaleando por las nubes.


Matías Obregón 2000Brief account in Spanish.

Organised traverse nddescribed in Spanish.

Other destinations:


P. Pircas Negras 2010factual notes by Fiona Grant.

Paso de Jama 2005Blog by patagonia2peru.


Piuquenes pass 2005masterlyinactivity notes on a remote crossing (with links).

Paso Vergara 2004by Stefan Roman (in Rumanian).


P. del Agua Negra 1999Relato por Carlos Ducler.


Argentina 1997/8 Touring notes by Ivan Viehoff.


Chile 1997/8 Touring notes by Ivan Viehoff.

Sico + Agua Negra 1992/5 German accounts by Sahara Mike.


Infobiker 2001- Questions & answers to Andrés Ruggeri.

Spiti: web search | top


bikefax2006Lahaul and Spiti: report of a trip with Out there biking (photos).
Sach Pass2005Dramatic photos of a new road (not strictly in Spiti), by Cass Gilbert.


cycloid2004Leh–Lahaul–Spiti–Kinnaur: brief notes.


masterlyinactivity2003  Lahaul, Spiti, Kinnaur: full notes with photos and a map.
Pocket Sprocket2003General info on a large tour of the Indian himalaya.
Bill Weir2002Ladakh, Zanskar and Himachal Pradesh.
Bill Holter1999Spiti, Kinnaur, Gangotri: notes and photos.
Out there bikingSupported tours run by Cass Gilbert (also Leh-Manali).
Current HP news.

Leh–Manali:web search | top
Igor Kovse2006Delhi–Manali–Leh–Srinagar.


Erik Nomden2005Shimla–Manali–Leh with side trips.
Pocket Sprocket2003General info on a large tour of the Indian himalaya.
Ambrogio D’Adda2003Avventure sulla strada Manali–Leh.


Sentient Entity2001Information, photographs and links by Steve Pells.

Per Lowdin1999Photos of Manali–Kaza–Leh.

Garhwal:web search | top
Bill Weir2005We met Bill out there.


masterlyinactivity2005Notes, map, etc.

Bhutan:web search | top


Paul van Roekel   2006Account written with Anja de Graaf.
 Jachung Travel2003Travelogue.
Charles River Whs   2000Account of a commercial tour by Renée Le Verrier and Andy Meyer.
Bhutan Mtb clubndDescribes a few short routes which are hard to trace on a map.

Most cyclists do the west-east traverse, which the Bhutan mtb club don’t seem to recommend. It doesn’t get close to the big mountains, and any visit to Bhutan is ridiculously expensive.

Darjeeling & Sikkim:web search | top


Paul van Roekel   2006Account written with Anja de Graaf.

Abhinav (?)2005Jeep trip to Gurudongmar in March. Excellent photos.
Everest Bike Rally A commercial ride along the southern Singalila ridge.
Yak & Yeti Travels Sikkim tour firm who have ridden to Gurudongmar Lake.
Marcopolo Travels Sikkim tour firm who have a ride to Yumthang (and a sketch map).
Siniolchu Tours Sikkim tour firm providing some info on northern destinations.
Sikkim home dept. Info on inner line permits.

The Singalila ridge looks worth doing, but is only a few days’ riding. It would be a good way to warm up for Sikkim, most of which is closed to westerners, at least for independent travel. Most trips go to the Kangchenjunga roadhead and then turn back, which sounds a little frustrating. Yak & Yeti travels have been to Gurudongmar Lake which looks exciting on the map but is closed to foreign tourists. It is said to be about 5200m. The verges are said to be mined (as in landmined, not goldmined). This looks to be an irresistable destination.

In 2005 things started to look up: a news report in Jan quoted RB Subba, the Sikkimese tourist minister, as saying that permits would be issued “to domestic tourists going beyond Singhik in the north” and that “the [state] government will appeal to the Centre to allow foreigners up to the Gurudongmar lake near the China border”.

Subsequently (Mar. 23) the national tourism minister R. Chowdhury “announced that a cumbersome permit regime for foriegn tourists visiting the country’s exotic northeast would be done away with shortly. ‘I have written to the home ministry asking them to remove the [Restricted Area Permit] Act,’ Chowdhury told a national conference on tourism...‘There has been a positive response [from the home ministry]. We will be able to knock it [permits] off soon,’ Chowdhury said.”

Then everything went quiet. A news article on 21 Jan 2008 (‘Permits an obstacle to adventure tourism’) vaguely remarked, quoting a ‘senior home ministry official’, that ‘tourists may soon get the nod to visit locations in the north-east...’, soon being a term needing to be interpreted in the light of Indian ministerial processes.

A gnomic press release on 13 Mar said that ‘a review ... had been undertaken... proposals received ... and an appropriate decision expedited’; and the Statesman on May 14 announced ‘The Centre has agreed to relax the protected area permits for foreign tourists and has created four new tourist circuits which will allow foreigners to visit Arunachal Pradesh and go up to Tuting close to China border. The Union home ministry has delegated power to the Arunachal Pradesh government to issue such permits to foreign tourists in a group of only two or more for up to 30 days, an official release said here. Earlier foreign tourists were allowed to visit certain areas in the state in a group of no less than four for only 10 days’. However there is no suggestion that independent travel is now permitted.

Nepal:web search | top
projection32003Beautiful cycling photos by Paul Jeurissen and Grace Johnson.
Odisea...2001... del Himalaya: ascent of the Friendship Highway by Mariano Loréfice (part 2).
Inorbitt guideSome general info and a couple of routes.

Many people have cycled from Lhasa to Kathmandu or from Kathmandu to Pokhara, and there are several mountain biking routes in the Kathmandu valley, but none of this really gets into the mountains, though the Lhasa route is very high. KE have a singletrack route from Pokhara to Gorkha, which can’t be many days long and still can’t get all that high. On the other hand people have taken bikes on the main trekking routes, dramatically illustrating the notion of a good walk spoilt (bikes are now banned from the national parks). I can’t help feeling that there must be something in between.

KKH:web search | top
Peter Gostelow2007Travelogue.
unk2004notes by an unnamed German couple.


David Leatham2000Electronic book.

Tim Barnes 1999Brief account.

Steve Palmier1995Photos.

Tajikistan:web search | top


Bill Weir2008Extended visit with photos and route details.


masterlyinactivity2008Notes, photos etc.

Igor Kovse2008Ultralight and ultrafast ride along the Pamir Highway: excellent photos.

Peter Gostelow2007Travelogue with beautiful pictures of barren scenery.

H. Veldhuizen2007Sketchy notes on an enterprising journey.


Tim Barnes2006Informative notes.


A. Naumov2005Cycling photos of the Bartang valley.

E. Rodrigo2005Notes by Enric Rodrigo and Xavi Tarafa.

crazyguyonabike varList of articles.


pamirs.orgndExtensive information, maps and photos.

Kyrgyzstan:web search | top
R&M Taylor2004Silk road, chiefly Kyrgyzstan and Yunnan, by Raymond and Muriel Taylor.
Igor Kovse200453 reasons not to go there.

The green stars indicate informativeness rather than merit. I am grateful to be told of other useful links (mail me as webmaster).

Web search for Honduras and Nicaragua.

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