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Monday 1.01

Lunch: Spag with leftover mushrooms

We start the New Year as we mean to go on. Ride ourselves into the ground, then stuff ourselves with pasta and whatever we can find in the fridge

Dinner: Borscht

Duck breasts, mango, ginger-stock-red wine sauce; pak choi; rosti potatoes

Tuesday 2.01

Gratin of parsnips with stilton and fried walnuts

Puy lentils, red lentils; fennel slices, ovendried tomatoes; sourdough

Wednesday 3.01


Salad with goose breast, bacon, mango; sourdough

I used raspberry vinegar in the salad dressing. Nice

Thursday 4.01

Steak and Kidney, peas, potato and celeriac mash

Pear, chestnuts, toasted gingerbread, preserved ginger, ginger wine, cream

Friday 5.01

Ate out

Saturday 6.01

Lunch: Pasta with onions, bacon, fennel and kalonji seed, chilli, tomato purée, crème fraîche

Dinner: Confit of duck, Denhay sausage, flageolets; lettuce, baguette

Quince and cream

Sunday 7.01

Lunch: Potato and sweetcorn pancakes; tomato-chilli-wildboar saugae sauce, crème fraîche

Dinner: Trout fillets with saffron-lemon grass-tomato; carrot and courgette stirfry; new potatoes

Filo parcels of pineapple and banano; chocolate rum sauce

Recipes from Bruno Loubet, Tessa Bramley respectively

Monday 8.01

Gorgonzola risotto, watercress

Bay Tree Co. Christmas fruits, toasted brioche, crème fraîche

Tuesday 9.01

Bigham's Persian lamb parcels (lamb, olives, pine kernels in filo); couscous with aubergine and red pepper and mint-shallot-garlic-coriander-yoghurt

Baked pear, chestnuts, dulce de leche

Wednesday 10.01

Butter beans, parma ham, stock, cream, truffle oil

Savoy cabbage leaves stuffed with flat mushrooms, porcini, breadcrumbs; wheat kernels

I cooked the wheat kernels for 50 mins, but they're still a little on the chewy side

Thursday 11.01

Braised steak and shitake mushrooms, sprouts-onion-balsamic, potato and celeriac mash

Apple and blackberry crumble

Friday 12.01

Sardines on toast (sardine piccante, red peppers, baguette)

Spag bol, salad

Saturday 13.01

Lunch: Sandwiches of chèvre-redpepper-tomato-salad, and parma ham-salad

Cena: Nick

Salmón, lentejas de Puy, tomates, pimiento, menta, aciete de aguacate

Pintada, castañas, membrillo; col de Savoy con beicon; patatas asadas

Pera en asafrán, pudin de arroz especiado (asafran, canela, chile, cardamamo, clavo, jengibre)

Belton cheshire, Gorgonzola, Saint Albray

Sunday 14.01

Lunch: Ate out

Dinner: Salmon in tandoori marinade, dhal, rice

Monday 15.01

Spring rolls with the guineau fowl leftovers, with ginger-garlic-soy-muscovado sugar-sesame oil-mirin; Savoy cabbage and mushrooms with onion-ginger-chilli-garlic-sesame oil-oyster sauce; noodles

Bay Tree Co. fruits with cream and yoghurt

Tuesday 16.01

Sprout, red lentil, bacon soup

Pasta with flat mushrooms, porcini, cream

Wednesday 17.01

Chicken livers and shallots with black pepper, allspice, thyme, pomegranate molasses; spinach with garlic, cream, lemon juice; wheat kernels

I cooked the wheat kernels for about 1 1/2 hours; this renders the damned things edible

Poached dried peaches, rice pudding (from Saturday)

Thursday 18.01


Pork burgers, sauce of tomato-red pepper-chèvre-white wine-chilli; courgettes, rice

Friday 19.01

Waitrose Roquefort and fig tartlets, baby leek salad

Prawns and mushrooms, sauce of tamarind-chilli-tomato; pak choi, rice

Saturday 20.01

Lunch: Spag with spinach, chèvre, garlic

Dinner: At Mike and Philippa's

Sunday 21.01

Lunch: Cabbage and gorgonzola gratin, sautéed potato

Ate out

Monday 22.01

Waitrose chickpea and chorizo soup

Cod with basil, ovendried tomatoes, Parma ham; sweetcorn, gnocchi

Tuesday 23.01

Grilled baby leeks, fried bacon, scrambled eggs with sage

The sage does not do much for the look of this. Colin said something along the lines of "The green sludge doesn't look very appetising"

Tandoori squash, sauce of tomato puree-chilli-paprika-shallot-yoghurt; black-and-white rice, salad garnish

I suppose this was a sort of Squash Tikka Masala

Wednesday 24.01

Denhay sausage, butter beans (with juniper, bay, garlic), braised Little Gem lettuce, toasted sourdough

Christmas pudding, rum, crème fraîche

Normal cream is better, but we didn't have any in

Thursday 25.01

Goose, chestnut, shallot pies; purple sprouting with fried, crushed walnuts and garlic; mashed potato

"Bay Tree" Christmas fruits with crème fraîche and yoghurt

Friday 26.01

Ate out

Saturday 27.01

Lunch: Pasta with onion, bacon, kalonji, fennel seed, crème fraîche, sherry vinegar, fried sesame seeds

Lamb noisettes, sauce of tomato-olive-basil-cream, french beans, tagliatelle

Cherries in Kirsch, shortbread, cream

Sunday 28.01

Lunch: Aloo parantha, dhal, brinjal pickle

Should be lime pickle; only lime pickle will really do. But we only had brinjal in the house

McSween's Haggis, neeps, tatties; gravy of onion, black pepper, lamb stock, a little stout

Athol Brose: blackberries in vodka, toasted jumbo oats, honey and whisky, whipped cream and a little yoghurt

Ok, so we were a little late noticing that it was Burns' Night a few days ago and that the shops were full of haggis.

Monday 29.01

Tartlets of baby beetroot and chèvre, watercress, bread

"Bay Tree" Christmas fruits with cream (colin) yoghurt (tracey)

Tuesday 30.01

Salad of blanched, shredded sprout tops, fried cashew nuts, shallot, blood orange, sesame oil-mirin-chilli-garlic-lemon

Roast squash slices, sauce of tomato pureé-chilli-garlic-cumin-coriander; red quinoa with chèvre

Wednesday 31.01

Simon and Amelia

Crab, avocado, tomato, shallot, chilli, mint, lime, in corn tortillas

Slow-roast lamb shanks with olives, garlic, rosemary, bay, thyme; Puy lentils cooked in the meat juices; braised Little Gem lettuce; bread

La Rustique brie

Chocolate almond cake, cherries in Kirsch, Jersey cream

Cake recipe is from Delia Smiths Book of Cakes. I made about 3/4 the quantities, in a 7in tin

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