january 2013

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Tuesday 1.1

Lunch: spag and tomatoes

then we went to Sri Lanka

Sunday 20.1

Lunch: pancetta and pea ravioli

Dinner: braised pig cheek, 5-spice, potato; red cabbage

pears baked with ginger

Monday 21.1

parsnip soup

celeriac, gorgonzola sauce,

Tuesday 22.1

oxtail with tamarind and black pepper, pearl barley; fried cauli with mustard seed

only about 1 tsp tamarind, 5-6 pieces of tail, so it was subtle

Chestnut cake, pear

Wednesday 23.1

squash and lentil soup

savoy cabbage, chorizo, chestnuts, fried potato

Thursday 24.1

roast parsnips, onion gravy, Yorkshire pudding, lentils

Christmas pud, cream

Friday 25.1

Ate Out


Saturday 26.1

Lunch: rice noodles, mango, mint, coriander, smoked tofu

Dinner: aubergine with pomegranate, buttermilk sauce

from Plenty which we got for Christmas

Roast sweet potatoes, lemon grass creme fraiche, salad

Sunday 27.1

Lunch: sri lanka dhal, parathas

Dinner: Borscht

WR pancakes, cherries in Kirsch

Monday 28.1

WR boreks

celeriac and mushroom korma, rice

Tuesday 29.1

tagliatelle with meatballs and gorgonzola, courgettes

WR pear tarts

Wednesday 30.1

marinated mushrooms, broad beans

quinoa with dried lime, pumpkin, halloumi

Thursday 31.1

Ate out

Mayflower, with Michael

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