at night i dream only of hills Tracey dreams

food food index; food blog 2008; photographs of food
cycle racing RTTC women’s team records: 100 miles, 12hr, 24hr; WTTA hardriders women’s records
mathematics Finite geometry after Aschbacher’s Theorem: PGL(n;q) from a Kleinian viewpoint, by Peter J. Cameron: pp 43-61 in “Geometry, Combinatorial Designs and Related Structures: Proceedings of the First Pythagorean Conference” (ed. J. W. P. Hirschfeld, S. S. Magliveras, M.J. di Resmini), CUP 1997.
cartoons A pleasant stroll; reminiscences of a ‘100’; RTTC snakes and ladders; illustrated map of Guatemala; véritable histoire marmottique.

masterlyinactivity | Colin Champion

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